Jessica Maleski

July 28, 2019

I hate to leave projects half-finished. I can’t bear the weight of the unfinished expectation laying there —pathetic and starving for attention. At the half-year mark, one project finished up, I now turn back to what was supposed to be my project for the year: making a weekly print of my work.

As part of my “summer of failure” adventure I thought I would bring back the blog. Why not? We are all sick of Instagram. There is no more way to grow on that platform and I don’t just mean follower count.

Photography is growing stale and I realize that it just my fault that I feel that way. If you only look at the same pictures day in and day out and create the same pictures everytime you lift the camera to your eye then the sameness will eventually freeze out your soul.

In an attempt to break out of that I have given myself free reign with the camera. No rules, no expectations. I lift the camera and snap. I play with blur and movement and multiple exposures. I play with light and color. I just take and take and take. Hoping the familiar process will discover something new or waken something inside or spark some new light.

And then, it did. There on the screen was the photo I’ve been wanting to make for a long time – since I first began to experiment with the ICM/ME images.

The idea that you can present multiple perspectives of an item within one frame — that you can see the whole at once in more depth by fracturing the single perspective into mulitple ones — that is what I want to explore. Picasso explained:

“If we think of an object, let us say a violin, it does not appear before the eye of our mind as we would see it with our bodily eyes. We can, and in fact do, think of its various aspects at the same time. Some of them stand out so clearly that we feel we can touch and handle them; others are somehow blurred. And yet this strange medley of images represents more of the ‘real’ violin than any single snapshot or meticulous painting could ever contain.” (Source)

Now, the print: it’s been atleast three months since I fired up the big printer and it costs me ink. All of my bottles are now close to empty. That’s the biggest issue with making these large prints. They are not cheap. I’m going to have to figure out how to make this printer pay for itself. If I were to offer prints for sale, would you be interested in purchasing?

Blogging again feels good. I may have too many sticks in the fire, but in some ways that keeps me honest and working to bring out what I want to do and say and live. I fired up my Feedly account recently and was surprised to see so many of my old favorite blogs still writing and publishing. I want to return to them. To the slower and greater depth involved in meeting people on their websites and not just through the small window of their Instagram accounts.

I’ve meandered through several topics but I hope it introduces the themes that I want to spend the rest of the time exploring in more depth. I’m happy to have you join along. Do you have a blog? Share the link in the comments so I can add you to my feedly list.

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